About Us

Canada and the world are in a transformation of how electrical energy is generated, distributed and consumed. Our P90 Energy team combines the strength and capabilities of successful, long-standing Saskatchewan-based renewable energy leaders. P90 Energy represents made-in-Saskatchewan ingenuity, which will help solve many of today's energy and emission reduction targets.


With a full-service fabrication-construction shop, (power by renewable and traditional energy sources) a full-service electrical division, a system design-project planning team and numerous satellite P90 Energy Representatives, we are well-positioned to exceed each of our client's unique requirements across Canada and North America.  

Federal Funding Programs

Corporate Leadership

Our P90 Energy corporate video demonstrates our dedication to quality, reliability and accountability. As the architects of the P90 Energy Systems, we assure our clients there is no other single-axis system like it on the market. 

Business Values
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Trust, integrity, respect for employees, partners and clients guide everything we do. CanREA is the voice of the renewable energy sector in Canada. The Code of Conduct is part of our daily business practices. 

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Safety is paramount. Specializing in stainless and carbon welding we meet our clients' needs while adhering to SMAW, GMAW, CWB, CORE certified guidelines as well as other certifications. Journeymen electrical team, roofing specialists and other professionals ensure safety is practiced.

Business History
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The P90 Energy brand and team history combine decades of successful business practices and project completions.  The four founders combined experience top 55 years of industry knowledge. We are an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) team that also manufactures Canadian-made in-house designed equipment, you can expect to work directly with our team throughout the entire project and beyond.