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P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

About Us

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan
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P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

P90 Energy supports the efficient and sustainable use of all energy sources. A full-service fabrication shop based in Stoughton, Saskatchewan, it is powered by renewable and traditional energy sources and manufactures the P90 Energy ground-mount solar equipment. 


Our objective is straightforward: to design, manufacture, distribute, and install solar systems that can withstand extreme Canadian weather conditions and lower their clients' on-site power consumption. P90 Energy Solar Systems can also be upgraded to the latest technology advances, including BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), as clients' power needs expand or consumption times change.


Contact us today to learn how P90 Energy can help you electrify your future.

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

We value trust, integrity, and respect for our clients, team members, dealers and utility stakeholders. We take great pride in our reputation and strive to maintain it at all times through lawful and transparent business practices. CanREA serves as the voice of renewable energy in Canada, and our Code of Conduct is an essential part of our daily business practices.

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

Ensuring safety is a top priority while adhering to guidelines such as SMAW, GMAW, CWB, CORE-certified, and many more certifications.  Robotic welding and laser cut tooling are part of the manufacturing process. To ensure safety and regulations are always practiced, Red Seal Journeymen electrical professionals and other safety-related experts work diligently.

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P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

Our combined experience created the P90 Energy brand. We are an engineering, procurement, and construction team that manufactures high-performing, high-durability P90 ground mount equipment. We install all types of solar PV systems for various clients and provide tailored support to meet our certified dealers' requirements.

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