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P90 Solar + Cogen

P90 Solar + Cogeneration 

In some circumstances, solar power may not meet the entire demand of the electrical requirements in a facility, simply due to space requirements or the regulations imposed on solar system size by the utility. Combing properly sized and designed energy systems then become a means of meeting the entire power consumption demand.


Cogen systems cut costs, carbon emissions and power demand charges by using a power generator to produce electricity and heat. We combine it with our P90 solar systems to dramatically reduce fuel costs and emissions even further by taking energy efficiency to the next level.


Stricter emissions regulations, growing energy costs, and carbon taxes create the need for greater efficiencies and carbon reduction. Our engineering & design team reviews your business’ or facilities' energy consumption and combines our Cleantech energy systems for a highly efficient grid-synchronized system to dramatically lower your operational cost, reduce your carbon emissions.

CHP basic_schematic1.gif

How Cogen Cleantech works: a reciprocating internal combustion engine, powered by multiple fuel types, drives a generator to create steady, clean and constant single-phase or three-phase electricity for immediate usage. Our Cogen systems can power and heat food-beverage processing facilities to a factory and even a community.


Waste heat from the engine turbine, the exhaust, and the electrical components is used to heat water, either directly or through a heat reclaimer. Whether installed in residences or large facilities, this technology comes with dramatic energy savings and carbon reduction.


Cogen ​(24kW-1 MW) plants are stackable and can be custom-built to the desired power and heat outputs. 

  • UL/CSA listed equipment, safe on utility grids.

  • Natural gas, propane, diesel (and renewable diesel), hydrogen, waste fuels, biomass and/or syngas can be utilized as the Cogen fuel source.

  • Large, measurable energy reduction is obtained through the use of  Cogen systems creating a strong return on investment.

  • Combining other P90 Cleantech (solar systems) creates a Micro Grid where the utility power grid becomes the backup source if required. 

  • Dramatic carbon reduction and energy savings are had when combining our P90 Cleantech.

P90 - Ground and Roof Mount Solar

Our engineering & design team and journeyman CWB-certified welders have extensive experience with both large structural supports and small intricate designs built to withstand our climate. Our ground mount systems provide the best power efficiency. Our roof mount systems allow more useable lot space.

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