P90 Technology


High capacity manufacturing and construction abilities combined with an experienced team of CWB certified welders who have vast experience working with large structural supports and small intricate designs, located in Stroughton Sask. Crews have successfully completed renewable energy systems, gas plant sites, oil site builds and civil utility work of many sizes over the past 15+ years.​

A dedicated team of trained electrical, mechanical technicians and installation crews work together to install our high-performing Cleantech. We aim to exceed our client's expectations of quality and performance. No project or challenge is too small or too big for our leadership and this team and we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process.​​

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  • Designed and built in Saskatchewan to oil field structural standards.

  • 0 to 90-degree adjustable torque tube to maximize solar gains.

  • A robust powered tilt actuator is standard equipment on every P90 system for added useability and structural integrity.

  • 100% structural steel and galvanized steel cross members.

  • Expandable systems to meet future needs.

  • Bench mount, carport, EV car charging stations systems available.

  • Our clients are consulted and kept informed throughout the installation process.

  • CSA/UL approved WEEB electrical bonding, safe on utility grids.

  • Trained and certified installers and electrical team.

  •  Ideal for farms, ranches, agricultural operations, processing-manufacturing facilities, commercial applications, community solar projects, and unique residential clients.


From initial engineering to blueprints, every member of our team plays a pivotal part in the research and development of our P90 Cleantech and in determining the best supplementary equipment partners. We combine innovative ideas and use our combined experience to create the best possible system for our clients with maximum savings and carbon emission reduction.

Our experience and knowledge create many synergies and led us to the equipment we manufacture, assemble, install and distribute. Those synergies attract strong partners with significant industry knowledge, which allows us to take a unique approach and focus on our client's energy and carbon reduction needs via a single cleantech system or in combination to build a microgrid system for buildings, properties or communities.

  • Full 90-degree adjustability for maximum power gains.

  • Robust, high-output, top-quality construction and equipment.

  • Top-rated output backed by industry-leading warranties.

  • Strong history of reliability.

  • Customized system and project site design to maximize output.

  • Expandable systems to meet future needs.

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