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Discover the advantages of diversifying your energy mix.

P90 Energy 

Our P90 Energy team has a successful history, knowledge, and expertise in the renewable and traditional energy sectors. We design-engineer, manufacture, distribute, and install cost-competitive, high-quality solar equipment that dramatically lowers our client's power consumption and emissions. Our goal is to help our clients take control of their energy future.

We serve residential and commercial businesses, farms, ranches, agricultural operations, manufacturing facilities, and other clients that require a means of taking control of their power needs. We specialize in reducing our client's on-site energy consumption.

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Community Buildings such as arena's, sports facilities, wellness centers and many other public access buildings can benefit from our P90 Energy systems. 

Breweries, food processing, plant growing facilities factories, warehouses and many other sectors have high power usage and emission reduction requirements.

Agricultural, ranching, seed-feed processing plants and animal processing sectors have high power usage and emission reduction requirements.

Rural and urban residential settings can benefit from solar energy and emission savings due to rising costs.

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