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P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

P90 Solar Systems


Our P90 | BENCH ground-mounted racking systems are manufactured using 100% Canadian-made structural steel in Saskatchewan. These systems offer high power output and have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in Canada.

We offer standardized sizes and customized solar systems to meet your power reduction requirements.

Our high-output solar panel-inverter combinations with integrated utility grade control systems can help reduce or eliminate your utility bills and associated taxes. Additionally, this solution provides high ESG value to corporate sustainability targets.

Please visit our Recent Projects page. The slide decks below provide greater details on our P90 | BENCH solar systems.

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan
P90 _ BENCH Solar_edited_edited.jpg

460kW-DC Case Study

100kW-DC Slide Deck

460kW-DC Cut Sheet

P90 _ BENCH Solar_edited.jpg
P90 _ BENCH Solar

100kW-DC Cut Sheet

P90 | ROOF 

Equipment designs are built to perform, and our install team is reliable and efficient. We use premium solar panels, inverters, and racking systems on all our clients' residential and commercial rooftop installations, incorporating proven equipment to withstand harsh weather events.

For further images of our systems, visit our Recent Projects Page

  • Customized system and project site design to maximize output.

  • High-output solar panel-inverter combinations produce more power.

  • Reduce or remove utility bills and carbon taxes.

  • Customized to the client's location to maximize power gains.

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan
P90 Solar in Saskatchewan
P90 Solar in Saskatchewan
P90 Solar
P90 Solar in Saskatchewan
P90 | TILT 

Industrial grade, built with Canadian-made structural Steel, designed to perform in Canadian extreme weather events. Our P90 | TILT ground mount system uses a proprietary premium 90-degree hub and torque tube assemblies to lock in site-specific sun angles on a single axis.

Further images of our systems visit our Recent Projects Page

  • Customizable systems to suit the site and maximize output.

  • P90 | TILT ground mounts can produce more power than traditional fixed angle mount systems per kW watt system size.

  • Ideal for clients wanting to maximize kWh output on a small ground footprint. (parking lots, land area restrictions)

P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan
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