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P90 Energy Solar in Saskatchewan

P90 | INFINITY Solar Carports


The P90 | INFINITY SunPark is the only structure with a mechanically watertight solar power roof. It is designed for commercial facilities and automotive settings. It can also be utilized in unique residential settings.

We offer standardized sizes and customized solar systems to meet power reduction targets. These systems can incorporate EV charging, corporate signage, and other technologies.

Our high-output solar panel-inverter combinations can help reduce your utility bills and associated taxes. P90 | INFINITY SunPark also provides high ESG value to corporate sustainability targets and builds consumer retention and acquisition value.

Tesla Carport1.jpg
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P90 | INFINITY Slide Deck

P90 | INFINITY Cut Sheet

P90 | INFINITY equipment is built to perform, and our install teams are reliable and efficient. We use premium solar panels, inverters, and racking systems incorporating proven, high-quality equipment to withstand harsh weather events.

Our P90 | INFINITY SunPark Car Port generates renewable electrical power and protects vehicles and assets with an aesthetically pleasing semi-transparent shaded area and water-tight structure.



  • Up to a 200KM+ Wind Rating 

  • Snow Load rated up to160 psf (surpassing Western Canadian requirements)

  • Heavy hail-rated, protecting autos, people and other property

  • Heavy-duty base designed to handle vehicle or machinery impact

  • Water-tight seal roof structure

  • Industrial Satin Black Powder coating 

  • Customizable LED lighting colour

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