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Photovoltaic panels which had sunlight and cloudy bluesky reflection on the surface, susta


"I AM CONFUSED" was a recent statement we heard regarding micro and string inverters.

10-30 years ago the efficiency and operation of solar panels and inverters were quite different. (So was the technology in any car or other electronic devices). Modern solar equipment is far more advanced now.

The confusing statement - "Some inverters combined with solar panels act like 30-year-old "Christmas lights" where if a solar panel (one Christmas light) fails the whole system fails and no power is produced."

This is simply not the case. In fact, with 1000s of solar panels installed, we have yet to replace one that was factory defective, and solar panel technology has far surpassed "30-year-old" Christmas lights.

This video explains solar panel bi-pass diodes and modern inverter technology.


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