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Why does the angle matter?

30, 35, 45 Degree angle fixed tilt solar system, what's the difference?

Many manufacturers of fixed tilt ground mount systems are available on the market, manufactured across the globe. Most will have a 30-35-Degree fixed tilt.

This is a pretty good angle to collect sunshine in most parts of Saskatchewan and across Canada. The main reason behind those chosen angles is durability against wind load.

We manufacture (in Saskatchewan) our P90 | BENCH at 45 Degrees. 45 Degrees is better in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Why? It collects more sunshine though out the year, and with the added degrees of tilt, snow (that happens in Canada) may not even stick or will drop off as soon as the sun shines strong.

What about the added wind load on a stepper tilt angle? We designed the system to withstand our harsh Canadian Climate. 100% Canadian steel is our construction material of choice.

Contact us today to learn more about our P90 | BENCH ground-mounted solar systems.


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